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Floating Hearts


"The challenges facing us have at times been overwhelming, but also rewarding. In spite of the obstacles we have had to deal with with, we are still together, still supporting each other and still singing. The music touched my heart but it was this feeling of sisterhood and caring that drew me in and still sustains me today."

            --Anne D.

Harmony Heritage is the best chorus around.  We have a wonderful talented director and the best collection of ladies to sing with.  I have been with this chorus almost 15 years and can never walk away.  Even through a pandemic we rehearsed through Zoom and learned ten new songs!  A cappella is the best!  You just have to love to sing. 
            --Suzanne M.

"I am overjoyed to be singing again…it is sanity saving for me…you are all a blessing to me!"
            --Lisa R

"Thank you for making the audition painless!!! I was so nervous but you all have welcomed me with open arms!! Music has always been a big part of my life and as an empty nester now  I get to sit back and enjoy music that fills my soul, with a wonderful group of ladies and gentleman." 
            --Maria L.

Congratulations to
Dianne Clark!

45 Years of Harmony Inc. Membership!




Maryann Archibald

Judi Betty

Dianne Clark

Anne Diggle

Sharon Gunasti

Dorothy Hannaford

Fran Hutton

Mary Levasseur

Cheryl Copeland-Lewis

Shaundra Merolla

Shelley Pray

Lisa Rivernider

Kim Thompson

Emily Zall



Karen Longeteig

Barbara-Ann MacIntosh Q

Anne Nuttall

Kathy Rasicot*


Jeanne Chapman

Carol Green*

Suzanne Misunas

Jean Wylie  Q



Josie LaFrance”

Camilla Streeter*

* Section Leader

Q Queen



Winnie Poliquin

Black Diamond


President: Anne Diggle
Vice President: Camilla Streeter
Treasurer: Suzanne Misunas
Corresponding Secretary: Fran Hutton

Recording Secretary: Cheryl Copeland-Lewis
Parliamentarian: Carol Green
Directors at Large: Karen Longeteig, Lisa Rivernider

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